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his is not a printed pattern.  This is the download version of #111.
Ladies' Early 1860's Day Dress
3 Sleeve Options, Collar & Undersleeves
Misses Sizes 6 - 26 - with Adobe compatible size layers- All sizes included

Ladies' Early 1860's Day Dress with Three Sleeve Options -View A is a copy of an extant period dress in the author's collection. Views B and C are copies of extant sleeves.-All Views have a two dart front bodice and a classic curved V, tucked back.  The darts are boned. The front of the skirt is directionally knife pleated, the sides are box pleated and the back is cartridge pleated (gauged). The bodice, sleeves, and skirt are flat lined with polished cotton. The skirt has a pocket and is stitched to the bodice. The bodice has piping at the neck, armscyes and waist. View A has coat sleeves, View B has pagoda sleeves, and View C has pleated pagoda sleeves. Included are a 1 1/2 inch collar and plain undersleeves.

An extant dress in the author's collection was copied for View A.

You will receive two sets of 9 A0 pages (33.1 X 46.8), the front and back cover, and the instructions. The color set of A0 has colored solid lines and contains the entire pattern with all the sizes. The second set of A0 pages are called "A0 Black Layers". This file has black and white dashed lines. It also has the option of printing just the sizes you want by using the "layer" option in Acrobat. The layer option graphic looks like a pile of papers. You will also receive files that have the pattern separated out by parts of the garment;  Just the bodice, just the skirt, just View A sleeve, just View B Sleeve, just View C Sleeve, and just the undersleeve.  This means you can print just the parts of the pattern you want in just the size(s) you want.  The A0 pages are meant to be printed on a wide format printer/plotter at your local print shop.       Please note this pattern is not tiles.  However you can tile it yourself using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat.

111 Ladies' Civil War Gown Laughing Moon Mercantile

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