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Pattern # 113
Under Bust Corsets
Ribbon Corset, Corset Girdle, and Man's Corset
Misses Sizes 4-36 - Men's Sizes 22-64
All in the Envelope

This pattern is printed on White Bond Paper with Colored Cutting Lines.

Underbust Corsets-_Views A and B are ladies' corsets and View C is a man's. View A is a ribbon corset. It is constructed of alternating pieces of fabric and ribbon. It has a busk in the front and lacing in the back. The bones are placed between two layers of fabric. This corset was popular from about 1899 to 1909. View B is a one layer corset girdle made with couti! with a busk in front, lacing in back, and boning tape. The dates for this corset are
about 1900-1909. View C is a gentleman's corset made with coutil, a busk, lacing in back, and boning tape.
Some gentlemen wore corsets in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.


Pattern #113-Underbust Corsets, Men's and Ladies'

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