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Pattern # 118
Wrapper, Work Dress, Morning Gown, Maternity Dress
Ladies 1840-1860 Wrapper 3 Sleeve Variations
2 Collars & Belt or Drawstring Option
Misses Sizes 6 - 34 All in the Pattern
1840s-1860 Ladies Adjustable Morning Dress, Wrapper, and Maternity Dress; with two, one or no darts, depending on the desired fit, bishop, coat and close sleeves as well as a mancheron or cap sleeve, and three different collar options. Approximately 1840's-1860's.  View A is a bishop sleeved wrapper with a piped jewel neckline, which can be left open over a fancy petticoat. View B is a close sleeved wrapper with mancherons and a standing collar. View C is a coat sleeved wrapper with a flat collar which can be cut large or small. All views have a one-piece front, cartridge pleated skirt and a optional drawstring.

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This dress was called different things according to the style and fabric. It is a morning dress. If left undarted and loose at the waist it is a wrapper. If darted, confined at the waist with a belt, and made with finer materials it is a gown suitable for a wider range of occasions. If it is made of materials that will wash, or wool and finished plain, it can be called a work dress. Worn loose it can be worn for maternity

Pattern # 118-Wrapper or Work Dress

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