This is a pattern printed on white bond paper with colored cutting lines that will be mailed to you.

Pattern # 119
Men's Mid Victorian to Edwardian
Period Trousers 1850-1910
Knickerbocker Option Included
Work, Casual & Formal Wear
Waist Sizes 28-60

Please note that unlike other patterns, LMM#119 includes separate versions for Slim, Mature or Portly figures, which may require less individual fitting.
All Sizes and fits Included in Envelope
MEN'S MID VICTORIAN TO EDWARDIAN TROUSERS 1850-1910 Civilian trousers, appropriate for work, casual, or formal wear. The front has vertical side pockets, a button fly, and suspender buttons. The back can have two welt pockets or none, a back strap cinch belt, and a split back waistband with suspender buttons. The hems at the bottom of the legs are shorter at the center
front than the center back and have a very slight flare.


Pattern #119-Men's VictorianTrousers

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