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Pattern # 135
Ladies Georgian/regency Cloak with hood, in two lengths, Cape with Optional Straight or pleated hood in two lengths, Muff and Muff Cover 1750-1815
All Views are one size fits all. View A is a hooded cloak. The hood is pleated at the back and at-tached to the body of the cape with a neck band which is piped. The Cloak body is (optionally) piped all the way around and is fully lined with com-plementary fabric. The lining may be quilted or omitted for an unlined cloak. The Cloak can be kept closed with a ribbon tie. The Cloak is car-tridge pleated to the neck band. It can be trimmed with self fabric or pur-chased trim, or left plain. View B and C are the same Cape which is short-er in back and has long extensions (lappets) at the front. The Cape has a short and longer option at center back. View B has a straight hood, and View C has a pleated hood like View A. The cape can also be made with no hood at all. The Cape can be lined or unlined. The cape has an optional neck ruffle and can otherwise be trimmed with self or purchased trim, or left plain. For instance, it can be trimmed all the way around or just down the front. The trim can be self ruffles, purchased trim, fringe, fur, or swans-down (Marabou). The cape can close with a ribbon tie. View D is a medi-um size muff which can be stuffed with wool roving, batting, or down. There are two muff covers; 14 has a plain edge and 15 has a ruffled edge. The muff cover is removable so that several can be made to match different outfits. The muff has an optional interior pocket. The muff can be trimmed like the cape or cloak or can be entirely covered with fur.

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Pattern #135 Ladies' Georgian/Regency Capes

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