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Ladies' Victorian Corset 1840s to 1890s Sizes 6 - 40, All in the Envelope
Complete Directions and Corset Making Supplies Information
This pattern is the same corset pattern that is in #100.  It includes the corset only.  The chemise, bloomers, and View B bust gore corset contained in #100 are not included in this pattern.

Ladies' Victorian Corset, 1840 to 1890s: One corset with 5 shaped pieces on each side with no gussets. This corset has two layers; an outside layer of fashion fabric and a lining, between which the boning is inserted in stitched channels. The front is closed with a busk and the back is laced together with grommets and lacing. This fabulous corset is the same one in View A in Laughing Moon Mercantile's Ladies Victorian Underwear #100. It is presented here by itself for those who just want this popular corset pattern. This pattern is perfect for those teaching corset classes, steampunkers, high fashion enthusiasts, and, of course, reenactors!


Pattern # BPC-1 Straight Seam Corset