This is a pattern printed on white bond paper with colored cutting lines that will be mailed to you.

Bijoux Pattern # 061860-1900
Mens Sizes 3456, All Sizes Included

Bijoux patterns are produced by Laughing Moon Mercantile and are generally
subsets of their larger patterns.  This pattern is a subset of LMM 109.

This product is available as a digital download B-6 Download elsewhere on this website.
Men's Single and Double Breasted Frock Coats
A Short History of this Pattern:  In the early 2000's we created the first version of this pattern as
Laughing Moon Mercantile #109. At the time it contained a double-breasted frock coat and two
vests. As time passed, we got so many requests for a single-breasted coat (though it was not a
popular option in the era) we reissued #109 with the additional option of a single-breasted coat.
At the present time (2020) we have again had many requests for a version which contains just
the coat, without the vests. So we are making this version of just the coats available while
still keeping the LMM #109 available as well.  So if you see references to vests being in this
pattern, please understand they are not in this particular version but are available in LMM #109,
as well as Bijoux #3, #4, and #5. Look for all current information on our website.

Pattern # BPC-6 Frock Coats