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FAQs about downloads:


Question:  Why do you use PDF as the format for your pattern downloads?

Answer:  Here is the definition of the PDF format:  "PDF stands for Portable Document Format.  PDF is a cross platform file format developed by Adobe.  PDF is the native file format for files accessed and modified using Adobe Acrobat.  Documents from any application can be converted to PDF."  We use PDF because of the universal nature of the format.


Question:  I'm having trouble printing the download files I received from you.  Will you call me on the phone and help me with my computer?

Answer:  No, because I am afraid I might do more harm than good.  I am not a computer, software, or printer expert.  I will say that so far, 100% of printing problems have been solved by downloading and installing the most current version of Adobe Acrbat Reader (it's free!).  The fact that I stay away from modifying other people's computers is not "bad customer service".  It is instead a firm grip on reality.

Question:  I can see the pattern pages but they print doll size.  How can I scale them up to print on my home printer?  Answer:  The A0 size pattern pages are meant to be printed on large format printers.  However they can be printed the correct size on a small home printer by Adobe Acrobat Reader by using the poster option.  Here is a link to instructions on how to use this option on the Adobe help page.

Question:  I don't have Adobe Reader.  I have some other PDF reader software that I downloaded off the internet.  It should work the same as Adobe Reader, right?

Answer:  Experience says no.  Try downloading and installing Adobe Reader (it's free!) and see if that does not help you print.

Question:  I don't know how to download and install Adobe Reader.  -Or- I installed Adobe Reader and it still will not work.  Will you call me and help me install it?

Answer:  No.  See the answer to the second question above.  I'm not qualified to work on your computer.  If you do not have a family member or acquaintance who is experienced with computers, please consider hiring a computer specialist, such as "Nerds on Call" or whomever does customer service on computers in your town.

Question:  Why don't you tile all your patterns?

Answer:  I tile the patterns that are small enough to make it realistic, such as one or two A0 large size pages.  However, many of my patterns are 5 or 6 large printed pages which can translate to 300 or so separate pieces of paper you must trim, align, and tape together.  Many people do this once and then realize it is not for them.  However, if this amount of printing and taping doesn't bother you, you can still print the A0 (33.1 inches by 46.8 inches) on your small home printer by using the "tile" or "poster" options in Adobe Reader.  If you do not have the "tile" or "poster" options on your "print" page, you probably don't have the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

Question:  Why do you use the A0 size (33.1 inches by 46.8 inches size paper) page for your downloads?

Answer:  The main reason we offer downloads is to circumvent the problems faced by our international customers with printed patterns.  International customers who order printed patterns must deal with exorbitant shipping fees, long shipping times, and even sometimes fees and delays at customs.  It is much more convenient and cost effective to avoid all that and take the download on a thumb drive to their local printers to have the large pages printed.  This works well no matter where they live worldwide.  The A0 size is a very common large format printer that many local print shops, everywhere, have as their printers.  That size of printer is also very common in the USA.  Larger size printers, like the ones we have in our print shop, are not as common.

Question:  I downloaded and printed someone else's patterns and had no problem.  Why am I having problems printing your PDF's?

Answer:  I'm sorry.  I don't know.  I am sure there is an explanation but I cannot guess without a lot more information about your setup and the other patterns, etc.  I will say again that 100% of printing problems so far have been solved by installing the most recent version of Adobe Reader (it's free!).

Question:  Will you be offering "Projector" PDF files?

Answer:  The short answer is - not at the current time.  For those who don't know what "projector" files are these are pattern PDF files made specifically to be used with a home projector.  These PDF files would be in addition to and separate from the A0 and/or tiled PDF printouts we already offer.  These PDF files have specific differences from regular pattern PDFs, about which I won't go into too much detail here.  But after careful consideration of the pros and cons of offering these files, we have decided not to offer them at this time.  This doesn't mean you cannot use the PDF files we already offer in your projector.  It just means that the files will not be optimized for projector - such as separate sizes, huge or no text, and all pieces aligned with the same grainline, for instance.

Question:  I have changed my mind and don't want the download I purchased.  Do you offer refunds on downloads or returns on printed patterns?

Answer:  We are sorry but we do not offer refunds on downloads or returns on printed patterns.

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