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This is not a printed pattern.  This is the downloadable option for pattern #103.  
You will receive the instructions, the front and back cover, and instructions on how to print the pattern in letter size.  You will also receive 8 A0 size colored lines pattern pages.  You will also receive the the whole pattern in 8 A0 size black dashed lines with size layers.  The pattern is further sectioned in files that contain just the Views separately.  This means you can print just the View you want in just the size you want, or you can print the whole pattern in just the size(s) you want.  
The A0 pattern pages are meant for you to send them to an online printer or take them to your local print shop that has a wide format printer.  This pattern is not tiled.  You can tile the pattern yourself and print on your home printer by following the instructions

Pattern # 103 1890's Waist with Four Bodice and Five Sleeve Options
Misses Sizes 4 - 26 - All Sizes included in Pattern and are size selectable
Gay 90's - Turn-of-the-Century - Late Victorian - Belle Epoque

Large, clear illustrations with simplified directions.  No corseting required.  Intermediate Skill Level.  Could be worn with Pattern #101 (1890's 5 Gore Skirt in 3 Lengths) 1890's Waist (Bodice) has a fitted foundation over which four different choices of outside design can be applied. The five different sleeve options are all interchangeable with all the bodice options.

View A has a gathered center front and back waist, two-piece mutton leg sleeves, high collar and the waist is straight all around.
View B has a draped right front, a slightly ruffled collar and a lower neckline. The bodice is pointed at the waist front and back, and has a short puffed sleeve.
The remaining views use either View A or B bodice but change sleeves, drapes, or omit the collar.
View C omits the wrap and the mutton leg piece of the sleeve.
View E is like View D with the addition of ruffled sleeve epaulettes.
View F is like View C but uses a petal sleeve. Instructions for boning and embellishing the waist are included.

103 Victorian 1890s Bodice Sizes 4-26 Laughing Moon Mercantile

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