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This is not a printed sewing pattern.  It is a digital download.
You will receive several PDF files.  There are files of the front and back of the cover, instructions on how to print the download, and full instructions on how to make the shirts in letter size.  There are  7 A0 pages with the pattern pieces in colored solid lines.  There are also several pattern files in A0 size with black dashed lines of every pattern piece.  All of these black files are size selectable.  There is a file of the entire pattern in every size.  There are also separate files containing just the View A, View B, and View C pattern pieces, as well as a separate page of the ties.  This means you can print just the shirt you want in just the size(s) you want full size on large paper.  This mean you can also print just the garment and size you want on your home printer by using the "layer" option and the "poster" option in Acrobat using the size paper you want.  Here is a link to instructions on how to use the "poster" option on the Adobe help page.

Pattern # 107- This pattern is not tiled buy you can tile it yourself using the poster option mentioned above.  
Men's Victorian & Edwardian Shirts
1845 - 1920 Informal & Dress Styles
Collars, Cuffs, and Neckwear
Men's Chest Sizes 32 - 56
All in the Download - Size Layer Selecable

Men's Victorian and Edwardian Shirts:  All shirts have a back yoke, shaped armholes and long sleeves. View A is an informal or work shirt with a front placket opening with attached cuffs and the choice of 5 different attached collars. View B is a dress shirt with a shield shaped front opening bosom with attached neckband and wristband and is worn with detachable collars and cuffs. View C is a dress shirt with a rectangular plain, 3~ or 4 pleated bosom, opens front and back (optional) and is also worn with detachable collars and cuffs. The dress shirts have 7 different detachable collars and 4 different detachable cuff choices. 14 different choices of period neckwear are also included.

107 Men's Victorian Shirts and Neckwear

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