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This is not a printed pattern.  This is a download of PDF files.
You will received all the files immediately and they will be sent to the email used to purchase.  You will receive several files in letter size:  The front and back cover, a "how to print" file, and the instructions.  You will receive several pattern files in A0 size as well.  You will receive the entire pattern in colored solid lines.  You will also receive several A0 sizes files that have dashed black lines and are size selectable:  the entire pattern in 6 pages, just View A in 2 pages, View B in 2 pages, View C in 2 pages, View D in one page and Views E and F in 1 page.  This means you can print just the garment you want in just the size(s) you want.  The A0 size pattern pages are meant to be printed by a copy shop on large format printers.  However they can be printed the correct size on a small home printer by Adobe Acrobat Reader by using the poster option and layers option.  Here is a link to instructions on how to use this poster option to tile your pattern on the Adobe help page.

Hoops and Bustles
1856 - 1889 Period Correct
Large clear Illustrations with Simple Directions
Instruction on the use of Steel Included

Victorian Hoops and Bustles- All views are copies of extant period hoops and bustles in the author's collection. View A is a bell shaped hoop skirt popular from 1856-1863 and 1869 and 1876. view B is an elliptic skirt 1863-1871. View C is a bustle, hoop and train supporter 1869-1876, 1883-1889. View D and E bustles were worn during the second bustle period of 1883-1889. View F is a bustle pad worn throughout the Victorian and into the Edwardian periods. More information and resources are contained in the pattern.  There is no American Civil War period hoop in this pattern.

112 Hoops and Bustles-Now with Size Layers

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