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This is not a printed pattern.  This is the digital download version of 113.  

Pattern #113 - Under Bust Corsets
Ribbon Corset, Corset Girdle, and Man's Corset
Misses Sizes 4-36 - Men's Sizes 22-64 All in the download
You will receive multiple files.  You will receive the whole pattern in A0 size print in black dashed lines with size layers, the whole pattern in color, and each garment separately.  This means you can print just the corset you want in just the size(s) you want.  You will also receive the front and back cover and instructions in letter size print.  This pattern is not tiled by you can tile each garment yourself by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat.

Underbust Corsets-_Views A and B are ladies' corsets and View C is a man's. View A is a ribbon corset. It is constructed of alternating pieces of fabric and ribbon. It has a busk in the front and lacing in the back. The bones are placed between two layers of fabric. This corset was popular from about 1899 to 1909. View B is a one layer corset girdle made with couti! with a busk in front, lacing in back, and boning tape. The dates for this corset are about 1900-1909. View C is a gentleman's corset made with coutil, a busk, lacing in back, and boning tape.
Some gentlemen wore corsets in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.
You will receive multiple files,  This file does not include a tiled file but you can tile any A0 page, including the layered ones, by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This means you can print any file on your home printer or have them printed in full A0 size by a copy shop.  You can also print the files in color and solid lines.  
Please note:  This pattern will not automatically print correctly on your home printer.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (it is free) installed on your computer in order to be able to open these pattern files.  
Question:  I can see the pattern pages but they print doll size.  How can I scale them up to print on my home printer.  Answer:  The A0 size pattern pages are meant to be printed on large format printers.  However they can be printed the correct size on a small home printer by Adobe Acrobat Reader by using the poster option.  Here is a link to instructions on how to use this option on the Adobe help page.

113 - Underbust Corset -Men's and Ladies'- Ribbon Corset

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