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This is not a printed pattern.  It is a digital download of Laughing Moon Mercantile sewing pattern 114.
You will receive the files immediately upon buying and they will be sent to the email you used to purchase.  You will receive several files named 114 A0 Black Layers which include the whole pattern, just View A, just View B, Just View C, just the pelerine, and just the undersleeves.  You can use any of these files to print just the garment you want in just the size(s) you want.  You will also receive the instructions, the front and back cover, and "How to Print Downloads​", all in letter format.
Pattern #114
#114 Ladies' Round Dresses, 1840's to1852, With Three Bodice and Five Interchangeable Sleeve Options, Pelerine and Undersleeves.  View A is front opening with a plain back, close long sleeves and mancherons (sleeve caps). View B isback opening with front and back bodice overlays gathered at the front and back waist and shoulders. Three layer sleeves with separate long close sleeves, over sleeves and tucked mancherons. View C is back opening with an overlay gathered at the front waist with a plain back. The sleeves are pagoda with mancherons. The pelerine is seamed at the back of the shoulders, longer in front than in back, and meets at the center front.  Included are plain under sleeves for View C.
This pattern is not tiled but you can tile them yourself, again printing just the garment and size you want.  The A0 size pattern pages are meant to be printed on large format printers.  However they can be printed the correct size on a small home printer by Adobe Acrobat Reader by using the poster option.  Here is a link to instructions on how to use this option on the Adobe help page.

114 Download - Ladies' Round Dresses

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