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This is not a printed pattern.  This is a digital download of the pattern.  You will receive several files immediately sent to the email address used to purchase.  You will receive in letter size "how to print", the front and back cover, and instructions.  You will receive 2 separate A0 size files which are meant to be printed by a copy shop or tiled by using the poster option in Adobe Acrobat to print on your home printer.  Both files are 11 pages and contain all the pattern pieces necessary to make all the jackets pictured.  One file is in color using solid lines and the other is in black and white dashed lines and having size layers.  This means you can print just the size you want.

Pattern #116 Download
Men's Sack Jackets 1860 - 1900
Single Breasted, Double Breasted, and Norfolk versions
Men's Sizes 34 - 58 All Sizes in Included
This pattern was made by copying real period coats in the author's collection.  This pattern is perfect for recreating many men's uniforms of the era, such as train conductor, as well as everyday clothing.  
Men's Sack Jackets: Single Breasted, Double Breasted, and Norfolk Versions-approximately 1860 to 1900.
View A is a single breasted Sack Jacket with a two piece back, side back seams, a single breasted front with a dart under the arm. As shown it has a welt breast pocket, a flap ticket pocket on the right side and two flap pockets. The front is curved at the bottom and buttons high at the neck. The sleeves are two piece. The jacket is fully lined and has an internal breast pocket. View B is different from View A in the front and collar, the rest of the pieces are the same.  The front is double breasted with a flap breast pocket and six buttons. Both Vew A and B were worn as uniforms as well as everyday clothing.  View C is a Norfolk version that is different from View A in several respects. The front is called a "forward lounge" shape because it does not have a curved front at the bottom. It has applied pleats front and back, patch pockets, and a separate belt.  The Norfolk jacket was often worn in less formal settings such as country wear and hunting attire.

116 Download - Men's Sack, Double Breasted, and Norfolk Jackets

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