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This is not a printed pattern.  This is a digital download of PDF files.  The A0 files are meant to be printed at a copy shop or on your home printer using the "poster" option of Adobe Acrobat.  Here is a link to instructions on how to use this option on the Adobe help page.

You should be able to get the A0 size pages printed for 2-3$US per page.

You will receive multiple files in a zip file immediately upon purchase sent to the email used to purchase.  You will receive files in letter sizes:  The front and back of the cover, How to Print, and the sewing instructions.  You will also receive multiple A0 size files:  The whole pattern in 7 pages in color with solid lines, and 3 files in black and white and dashed lines in size layers.  You can choose your size by reading the directions and measuring yourself with a measuring tape.  The three different fits are determined by the difference in your waist and hip - Slim, Mature, and Portly.  Complete directions are included.  
The A0 files in black have size layers.  This means you can print just the size(s) you want either at a copy shop or on your home printer by using the poster option in Adobe Acrobat.
Pattern #119 - Now with selectable Size Layers
Men's Mid Victorian to Edwardian Period Trousers 1850-1910
Knickerbocker Option Included
Work, Casual & Formal Wear
Waist Sizes 28-50
Cycling Breeches included in Knickerbocker Option
MEN'S MID VICTORIAN TO EDWARDIAN TROUSERS 1850-1910 Civilian trousers, appropriate for work, casual, or formal wear. This pattern was taken from period trousers in the author's collection.  The front has vertical side pockets, a button fly, and suspender buttons. The back can have two welt pockets or none, a back strap cinch belt, and a split back waistband with suspender buttons. The hems at the bottom of the legs are slightly shorter at the center front than the center back and have a very slight flare.  Please note, that unlike other patterns, LMM 119 includes separate versions for fitting Slim, Mature or Portly figures, so less individual fitting may be required.

119 Men's Victorian and Edwardian Trousers 1850-1910

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