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This is not a printed pattern.  This is a download pattern that contains 4 A0 pages in black and white with size layers pattern pages, The same 4 A0 in color pattern pages, tiled pages in color,The front and back of the cover, and the instructions.  The A0 pages are meant to be printed at your local print shop that has wide format printers or printed on your home printer by using the "poster" option in Acrobat.  This means you can print just the size(s) you want, either at a copy shop or on your home printer.

Pattern # 127
Mens Narrow Fall Breeches C. 1790-1820
Also known as small Falls
Sizes 28 - 56 All In Envelope

Mens Narrow Fall Front Breeches, c. 1790-1820 Also known as Small Falls. Mens short breeches with a narrow fall front opening, with side frog pockets and watch pocket. These breeches can be cut long, to reach to the calf, or short, ending just under the knee. The front fall closes with two but-tons. The waistband closes in front with three buttons. The front has two suspender (braces) buttons. The backs of the breeches have a very long rise and the tops are gathered into the back of the waistband. The center back has a gusset, a tie to adjust it, and suspender buttons. The breeches have leg openings that are faced and are slightly turned to the front of the legs of the breeches. These leg openings close with buttons and a tie, and are bound with a narrow band. The side pockets close with a button. The full leg lin-ing is optional, but as constructed, the waistband, fall, leg openings, and gus-set will still need to be lined. The breeches are interfaced wherever there are buttons or buttonholes. These type of breeches were worn for day or evening, formal or informal. Fabric: Silk, Cotton, Linen, Wool, or Leather.

To see the original breeches copied for this pattern click here:

IMPORTANT: Take a close look at the photographs of these breeches. You can see that these breeches have a roomy fit. You can see that they do not fit tight in the legs and they have a baggy crotch and rear. This roomy fit is period, as men of the period would not have wanted to split the crotch of their breeches when riding a horse. However the fit of these breeches is also a personal choice. If you, as a modern person, have no intention of getting on a horse, you may want them to fit much tighter. So before cutting out your expensive fabric, make a trial mockup using just the leg pieces in cheap fabric. If the fit is close to what you want but just a little loose, just take them in. If you want them tight you may want to make another mockup using a smaller size. You may also want to take in the crotch and rear. These breeches are a copy of a period pair, so the cut and fit is copied from them. And, remember that the leg bands are meant to be tight enough to act as stocking garters, and they are not meant to move up and down when you sit and stand. So be aware it is quite possible that while you are taking in the breeches, you may take them in so much you cannot sit. So, bottom line, make mockups until the pattern fits exactly as YOU want them to fit. Altering patterns before you cut them out is so much easier then trying to alter a garment the pieces have already been cut out. If you want to see the original pair copied go to


127 Men's Narrow Fall Breeches

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