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Now with size layers.This is not a printed pattern. This is a digital download. You will receive links to several files immediately upon ordering. You will receive several files in letter size: How to Print, the front and back of the cover, and complete sewing instructions. You will receive multiple A0 size files: You will receive all the different views with the pattern pieces in black dashed lines with size layers, and the entire pattern in color with solid lines. If you use the A0 black layered files you can print just the View you want in just the size you want. The A0 size pattern pages are meant to be printed on large format printers. However they can be printed the correct size on a small home printer by Adobe Acrobat Reader by using the poster option. Here is a link to instructions on how to use this option on the Adobe help page.​Pattern #131MENS REGENCY TROUSERSINCLUDING TROUSERS, COSSACKS, SAILOR'STROUSERS, PANTALOONS, MOSCHETTOS, ANDPANTALOON TROUSERS C. 1790-1830ALSO KNOWN AS SMALL FALLSAll views can be made shorter for breeches length.Sizes 30-52, All in the Envelope with Size Layers - You can print just the View and size you wantMen’s long trousers with a narrow fall front opening, also known as Small Fall Trousers or breeches. All Views can be made shorter if desired. View A are plain full trousers. View B are full cut English Cossacks with 4 pleats at the front waistband and pockets in the side seam. The other Views have side frog pockets that close with a button. View C Pantaloons are tight fitting, have buttons closing the bottom, and end at the ankle, or can be shortened if desired. View D Moschetto’s are tight, long, have buttons closing the bottoms, and have a gusset that covers the front of the shoe. View E Pantaloon Trousers are tight to the calf and then fall straight down. View F Sailor’s trousers have wide legs. All Views have a watch pocket. In all Views the front fall closes with two buttons. The waistband closes in front with three buttons. The front has two suspender (braces) buttons. The backs of the trousers have a very long rise . The center back has a gusset, a tie to adjust it, and suspender buttons. The trousers are interfaced wherever there are buttons or buttonholes. View A, Trousers, B, Cossacks, and F, Sailor’s Trousers can be described as loose fitting; Views C Pantaloons, D Moschetto’s, and E Pantaloon Trousers, have a tighter fit. It is recommended that Views C, D, and E be made of stretchy woven or knit fabric. These type of trousers were worn for day or informal except for Pantaloons, which were worn in the evening beginning in 1810. Views A, B, D, or E can be made with the optional foot strap.


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131 Regency Trousers, Cossacks, Pantaloons, Sailor's Trousers

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