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This is not a printed pattern.  This is a digital download

You will received several files immediately sent to the email used to order.  You will receive 3 files in letter size:  How to print, instructions, and the front and back cover.  You will receive a file of size A0 pattern pieces in black and white with size selectable layers.  This means you can print just the size(s) you want from the 4-32 range included.

Diner Waitress, Cafeteria, Lunch, or Dinner Lady, Vintage Beauty Parlor - Part of Ladies’ “Go To” Shirtwaist Dress– Fit and Flare —1940s to Early 1950s, WWII.   Sizes 4-32, size layer selectable.  This is a subset of 134 and only contains the pattern pieces and instructions to make the dress pictured.  If you own Laughing Moon pattern 134 you already have the pattern pieces and instructions for this dress.  Modern, Retro, Theater or Reenactor.  Copied from a documented extant garment made by the Angelica Uniform Company dated to 1951. The fit of the bodice has intentional ease to enable free movement for dance, exercise, or work.  There are instructions on how to make the fit tighter if desired.  This pattern is a dress with separate bodice and attached skirt with the bodice ending at the natural waistline.  The bodice front has horizontal bust darts (which can be repositioned as desired) and four pleats at the waist.  The bodice back has a two piece back with a yoke and wider lower back gathered into it.  The neckline is a V-shape.  The is collar is a notched collar.   The back has two pleats at the waist for fitting.  The sleeves are short, have no cuff, and have lattice trim.  The sleeve has a very full sleeve head which is either darted, pleated, or gathered into the armscye.  The skirt is A-line.  The skirt has inserted pockets.   There is a small breast pocket.  The bandette, pocket, sleeves, and apron have lattice trim.

134-C Diner Waitress, Cafeteria, or Lunch Lady, Beauty Parlor - Laughing Moon

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