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Now with size layers.

This is not a printed pattern. This is a digital download.You will receive a link to the files immediately upon ordering, sent to the email used to order. You will receive several files in letter size: How to print, the front and back cover, and the sewing instructions. You will also receive several files in A0 size: The complete pattern in all sizes in color and solid lines, the complete pattern in all sizes in black dashed lines with size layers, the pattern in sizes 4-18 with size layers, and the pattern in sizes 20-34 with size layers. This means you can print the pattern in just the size(s) you want. You can print the pattern in size A0 paper at a copy shop or tile it yourself to print on you home printer by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat. Here is a help page for that option: note that a copy shop should charge no more than 2-3 US dollars to print an A0 size page.​Pattern # 137LADIES REGENCY PELISSE AND SPENCER WITH 5 SLEEVE AND7 COLLAR OPTIONS 1810-1825 SIZES 4-34 INCLUDED with size layersLadies Pelisse (coat) which can be made as a Spencer (jacket) by omitting the skirt, with 7 collar, 4 short sleeve and one long sleeve options. The Pelisse and Spencer, which were generally worn over another gown, have optional collars and a shortened bodice which ends under the bust. The front bodice can be made with darts or gathers. The back bodice is made of two pieces, the center back bottom of which is gathered on a lining piece. The sleeves can be made with a two piece sleeve consisting of a short sleeve on top of the long sleeve, or the long sleeve can be used alone. The bodice can be made with no collar or a choice of 7 collars, some of which can be combined for a two collar look. The collars are a small and large rounded collar, a squared collar, a cut back collar, a stand and flare collar, a standing collar, and a cape collar. Views B, C, and D short sleeves are bound at the bottom with a band. The long sleeve is finished at the wrist by a small band and two additional bands can be added above it for a gathered look on the forearm. Both the Pelisse and Spence have a separate belt with an overlapping front. The Pelisse has front, side back, and back skirt pieces. The back skirt attaches to the bodice with 6 pleats or it can be gathered. The back of the skirt is slightly trained. The short sleeves have several options. View A is a sleeve with V notches. View B has a sleeve with optional cut outs and bows adorning the sleeve. This sleeve can be made without cutouts (View C). View D has an extra puffy sleeve that can be made plain, gathered or corded. Some of the seams in these garments are piped and the collars and belt can be piped as well.The skirt of the Pelisse is not lined but a lining can be added by the maker. No layouts or yardage are provided for the lining. The maker has the option of cutting the bodice front so it overlaps or just meets. These garments fit closely and it is recommended that fitting should be done over any garments to be worn under them.


For the experienced stitcher - The sleeves are interchangeable with pattern #138 Regency Gown but there are no layouts for the interchangeable options.  You will have to estimate the yardage needed and interpret the instructions between patterns yourself.

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137 Ladies' Regency Pelisse and Spencer

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