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Now with size layers.You will receive links to several files immediately which will be sent to the email used to order. You will receive several files in letter size: How to print, the front and back cover, the sewing instructions, and the pattern tiled in color. You will receive several files in A0 size: the entire pattern in color and solid lines, and the entire pattern in black and white with dashed lines with size layers. This means you can print just the size(s) you want by either taking the A0 black files to a copy shop or tiling and printing them yourself on your home printer by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat. Here is a link to the Adobe help page about tiling the pattern yourself:



Sewing Pattern with Sizes 4 - 36, All Included with size layers

Pattern DescriptionThis pattern was created from 1940s trousers in the author's collection. This pattern is for a classic fit trouser that has the top of the trouser at the natural waist. The 1 3/4" waistband is attached above that. The vintage classic construction has a button placket at the left side and an inseam pocket on the right side. These can be exchanged for a left handed person. The opening can be changed to an side seam zipper or a back opening. The fit has some wearing ease and is not tight to the body. There are instructions for lining the trousers, both flat lining and a full lining that is attached only at the waist. Instructions for choosing the best size and a basic fitting guide are included. These trousers can be cut shorter to make shorts, Bermuda shorts, or capris.Considerations for World War II Women's Uniforms.  Several extant pairs of women's uniform trousers were used as a basis for this pattern. However, it is not an exact copy of a particular branch of the service. If you wish to use this pattern as a basis for your impression there are suggestions inside the pattern.


141 Ladies Classic Fit Trousers w/Medium Wide Legs 1940s

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