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Now with size layers.
This is not a printed pattern.  This is a digital download.  You will receive a link to several files immediately upon ordering, sent to the email address used to purchase the pattern.  You will receive several letter size files:  How to print, the front and back cover, the sewing instructions, and the tiled pattern in color.  You will also receive 7 A0 size files:  The entire pattern in colored solid lines, the entire pattern in black and white dashed lines, and the pattern split in size ranges with the diagrams of the cording in size layers.  This means you can print just the size(s) you want either in full size A0 which can be printed at a copy shop, or you can tile the page yourself for printing on a home printer by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat.  Here is a link to the help page for Adobe "poster" option:

Laughing Moon 170:  This is a sewing pattern for a wrist length cape that has been copied from an existing cape from the 1890's in the author's collection.  This pattern has the options of one layer or lined, reversible, and optional short standing collar.  The center fronts meet and do not overlap.  There are darts at the shoulders.  The cape is best made with a fabric that is solid color or with an overall non-directional design.  If not altered the center back seam is on the bias and directional prints will be slanted at center back.  There is a suggested pattern alterations in the instructions that will enable a directional print to be on the straight grain at center front and back by transferring the center back seam to the sides.  The design will then be slanted at the side seams.  Optional surface decoration can be of lace, cording, appliques, trim, fur, fringe, beading, purchased neck pieces, or embroidered fabric.  The cording pattern is provided in 4 separate A0 pages divided by size and there are directions for transferring and stitching the design to the cape.  More information is on the back cover and inside the pattern.

170 Wrist Length Cape with Optional Cording

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