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Now in size layers.

This is not a printed pattern. This is a digital download. You will receive a link immediately upon ordering sent to the email used to order. You will receive several files in letter size: How to print, front and back cover, the sewing instructions, and the pattern tiled in color. You will also receive 3 A0 size files: The entire pattern in colored solid lines, the entire pattern in black and white dashed lines in size layers, and one A0 page with just the pads separated out in black and white dashed lines with size layers. This means you can print just the size(s) you want. The A0 size pages are meant to be sent to a copy shop to be printed full size, or they can be tiled for printing on a home printer by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat. Here is a link to the Adobe Acrobat help page about the poster option:

Laughing Moon Mercantile 180—Bum Pad or Split Rump with Optional Half Petticoat c. 1780s.

This pattern is an interpretation of drawings of split rumps in the 1780s. The bum pads are separate from each other. The top pad piece is larger than the bottom pad piece and is pleated to fit the bottom pad piece at the top. The are flaps at the leading edge of the pads going around from the side of the body toward the front to prevent the petticoat worn over it from falling in and under the bum pads. These flaps can be cut off if desired or slightly padded for extra hip curve. The pattern comes in sizes from 2XS-4XL (6-36) but the size chosen can be for a smaller or larger silhouette regardless of size designation. The stuffing for the pads can be period material such as cork, feathers, flax tow, cotton wool, wool roving, or even rags or millet. Modern stuffing can be polyfill. The attached half petticoat is optional. Pleating diagrams are provided or the maker can use their own pleating method. The ties can be twill tape, ribbons, or extra wide double fold bias tape.Fabric: Cotton or Linen for period or modern blends for modern or easy care. Ticking can be used if feathers are used for stuffing. Stuffing: Feathers, flax tow, cotton wool, wool roving, or modern polyfill. Ties: Length is total waist length plus 40 inches approximately or 1 package of extra wide double fold bias tape.


For more images of this pad see the Pinterest page


180 Split Rump Bum Pad 18th Century 1780s

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