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This is not a printed pattern. This is a digital download.

You will receive a link immediately upon ordering which will be sent to the email used to order. You will receive several letter size files: How to print, the front and back cover, the sewing instructions, and the pattern tiled in color. You will also receive 2 A0 size files: The entire pattern in color and solid lines, and the entire pattern in black and white with solid lines. The black A0 is in layers, meaning you can choose to print the whole pattern, just View A, B, C, or D, or any combination of Views. The A0 size page is meant to be printed by a copy shop or you can also tile the A0 page yourself by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat for printing on your home printer. Here is a link to the Adobe help page for the "poster" option:

#204 Laughing Moon Mercantile Sewing Pattern

Ladies' Undersleeves - circa 1840s to 1870s - With layers for the different Views

This pattern contains four different styles of undersleeves, also known as false sleeves. View A is a gathered bishop sleeve with a wristband and 3 options of ruffles or a cuff. The wrist ruffles have 3 different choices: A square edge ruffle, both long and short option, a curved ruffle, and a curved cuff. View B has the same gathered bishop sleeve with a square edge cuff (no wristband) or the same cuff with a sleeve ruffle. View C is a 2 piece coat sleeve option. View D has a fairly tight arm section that flares at the wrist. The rough dating of the undersleeves: The dating of View C is 1840s. The Views A and B are dated from the 1850s through the 1860s. View C dates from the 1860s to the 1870s.


For more examples of extant undersleeves click here:


204 Ladies' Undersleeves

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