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Please note: This pattern will not automatically print correctly on your home printer. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (it is free) installed on your computer in order to be able to open these pattern files. Please click on FAQs about Downloads on the top line of the website's home page. You will find more information there before downloading.

This is a free download pattern that contains instructions, an A0 size pattern page, and a tiled pattern.  You can print the tiled pattern on your home printer or print the A0 page at your local print shop that has a wide format printer.  Laughing Moon does not offer a printed and mailed version of the pattern.  It is available by download or as part of #110 only.

Laughing Moon Mercantile - Bijoux #7

This pattern was first published as part of Laughing Moon Mercantiles pattern #110, which is a Victorian Ladies Sporting and Bicycle outfit. The gaiters are a copy of a pair in the authors collection. The gaiters have been split out of the pattern #110, which still contains them, and are also being separately published as Bijoux #7.

Bijoux #7 -This pattern is for a pair of side-opening gaiters. These gaiters are unisex and multi-sized, being made according to personal measurements for height, calf measurement, and ankle measurement. These type of gaiters were popular in the Victorian, Edwardian, and again in the early 20th Century as spats. They can also be used for Fantasy, Cosplay, and Steampunk costuming genres.

Please note:  These gaiters fit fairly tight at the calf to help keep them up.  They fit fairly loose in the ankle to allow for use over ankle boots or ice skates.  You can take them in as much as you like at the front and back seam at the ankle if you want a closer fit.  As always, making a mockup to check your individual fit is always recommended.

Fabric: Historically, gaiters were often made from wool, wool felt, canvas, real leather, and thick knit, similar to sweatshirt fleece. For theatrical any bottom weight, such as denim, fur, or any medium weight twill. Vinyl, faux leather. Any light fabric such as sequined or decorative knit fabric can be used if interfacing is added for structure. Optional Interfacing : Any medium weight. Facings: Any cotton fabric.
For inspiration on ideas for making gaiters click here:



B7 - Download Men's and Ladies' Gaiters or Spatterdashes

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