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Now with size layers.

This is not a printed pattern.  It is a digital download.  You will receive a link immediately upon ordering.  You will receive several letter size files:  How to print, the front and back cover, and the sewing instructions.  You will receive a 2 Page A0 file of the pattern pieces in black and white dashed lines with size layers.  This means you can print just the size you want.  You can either send the A0 files to a copy shop or tile it yourself for printing on youe home printer by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat.  Here is a link to the help page for the "poster" option:


Laughing Moon/Bijoux Pattern #3 Download
Men's Victorian Notched Collar Vest -1870 - 1915
Sizes 34 to 58 in the download with size layers

Men's Victorian Notched Collar Vest - 1870 - 1915

This is the same vest that is in pattern 109. 

This vest was copied from a period vest in the author's collection.  The vest has a notched collar and four welt pockets on the outside and two inside pockets.  The collar is "laid on" and does not go all the way around the back of the neck.  The back has a cinch belt.

LMM 3 - Men's Victorian Notched Collar Vest - 1870 -1915

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