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Now with size layers.
This is not a printed pattern.  This is a digital download.  You will receive a link immediately upon ordering sent to the email used to order.  You will receive several letter size files:  How to print, the front and back cover, and the sewing instructions.  You will also receive 2 A0 size pages with the pattern in black and white dashed lines with size layers.  The A0 size files are meant to be sent to a copy shop to be printed in full size or you can tile them yourself by using the "poster" option in Adobe Acrobat so you can print them on a home printer.  Here is a link to the Adobe help pages about this poster option.

Laughing Moon Mercantile #4
Men's Victorian Shawl Collar Vest 1850 - 1865
Sizes 34 to 58 in the download with size layers
Men's Victorian Shawl Collar Vest - 1850 - 1865
If you have pattern #109 with the vests you already have this pattern.  This pattern was made from period vest in the author's collection.  The vest has a shawl collar and two welt pockets on the outside.
The collar goes all the way around the back of the neck.  The back has a cinch belt.

LMM4 - Download - Men's Victorian Shawl Collar Vest

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